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Do you ever have moments in your life where you're like "oh my god this is what I'm living right now"?? That was me ALL WEEKEND. If I tried to exactly capture it, it'd take me ages and you'd have to suffer through it and I don't want to do that to either of us, so HERE'S A LIST OF THINGS I THOUGHT ABOUT AT THE 2015 TEEN CHOICE AWARDS:

1. We're all going to melt.
2. Seriously, it's 105 degrees.
3. Waaait Hey Violet isn't Australian??
4. Greer dyed her hair, but Flynn Rider has a thing for brunettes, so I think she’s fine.
5. Fifteen minutes in, my phone has already given up and over heated.
6. Between the two of us, Brec Bassinger and I can't put up a velvet rope, but we can take some damn good selfies.
7. Maia Mitchell was the first celebrity I ever worked with and she's still one of my absolute faves.
8. The whole cast of Straight Outta Compton is here.
9. I'm glad KTA made me go see it with her, it was life changin- wait I'm the ONLY REPORTER HERE WHO'S SEEN IT?! ok.
10. I know nothing about Vine why do I know NOTHING ABOUT VINE THERE ARE VINE STARS EVERYWHERE
11. Always be nice to publicists. Always
12. Unless you have someone whose sole job it is to polish your scalp as you walk, you aren't on Flo Rida's level.
13. *gets into serious discussion about floral patterns with the boys of Forever in Your Mind*
14. ...aaand there goes my phone again. Great. 
15. Taking a selfie with Nash Grier aka "How loud can his fangirls scream at you before you go deaf"
16. Zendaya is an actual goddess and her advice for teenage girls is v important: Don’t grow up too fast. We have plenty of time to grow up, so just enjoy yourself.”
17. Steph Curry is exactly as great as I've always thought he was.
18. When are they going to start auditions for the fifth member of Little Mix?
19. Me in this moment with Fifth Harmony is why I never take group selfie-OH WAIT IT'S CUTE.
20. Why didn't I bring snacks with me?
21. This outfit was a good idea - I can still walk in my shoes and my dress has been complimented by Tyler Oakley which is always the goal.
22. There is no eye contact as uncomfortable as that between you and a celebrity when you are both in the line for the toilet.
24. Oops haven't used my selfie stick once today 
25. I am so hungry.

There were about a million and one more things running through my brain but, unlike Pokemon, there's really no way to catch it all. It just goes to show though: ask enough questions and eventually someone will let you loose on celebrities

x J  

ps. 7 days.

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  1. SHEESH JUSTINA I AM SO JEALOUS IT'S RIDICULOUS. Although darn it that looks hot, how did you NOT melt? Also heck yes, Zendaya is amazing.

  2. SQUAD GOALS. I'm soo jealous (but this looks v fun and amazing).

    On a Saturday

  3. Coolio hope you had a great time bb :) xo


  4. The dress is so beautiful! And you look so glam in this outfit too :)

  5. OMG, I'm so jealous, Eva is my favourite, it looked so great. The vlog was really good as well xx


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