suns out guns out

shirt c.o. suburban riot
jeans: diy
clogs c.o. moheda toffeln

It was actually 79 degrees, but whatever. 

The weather literally just woke up on Monday and was like "You know what? Forget spring, forget summer, let's just go directly to hell." It's been above 75 every. single. day. And not a cloud in the sky. Sunny and 70 ain't a joke - it's our lifestyle.

These jeans are the best idea (and most successful diy) I've had in a while. Never underestimate the power of a pair of boyfriend jeans with holes and big pockets. Paired with my clogs/new best friends, this was a perfect lounge about outfit.

Let's take a moment to say a few words about Coachella:
 Bad hipster outfits. Floral. Uber. Drake. Madonna assaulting Drake. Fake IDs. Hair dye. No-Show Vanessa Hudgens. Unclear art. Live stream crash. FKA Twigs. Snapchat stories. Rihanna???

Drake, if you ever tryna find someone else to bring on stage,
 just give me a heads up so I can plan for it.

x J

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  1. Nice:) xx

  2. That shirt and jeans is simple and classic. :) xoxo


  3. I love your words on Coachella-- so true!!! Although I do wish I could be there. The same thing has happened here with the weather. No nice 60s, just upper 70s and low 80s!!


  4. Honestly, those DIY jeans just look amazing. I've really been in the mood for slightly baggy denim, especially the distressed kind, which has a lot of 90s, grunge, vibes.


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