going to kale

sweatshirt c.o. suburban riot 


I just look so supremely happy in that photo but honestly have idea why. Maybe my brother had a doughnut. Maybe I was just really excited about this sweatshirt. Who knows. Perfect photo for my train of thought though. I'm going to explain it, but first: no matter what you read from here on out, do. not. panic.

I've always said that the minute this isn't fun for me, I'll go find something else to do, and I take that very seriously. I won't waste my time or yours doing boring stuff that neither of us cares about, because when the love ain't there, it ain't there. Lately, I've been thinking about this a lot. The conclusion I've come to is that THIS IS STILL FUN I LIKE IT A LOT OKAY BREATHE BREATHE WITH ME. WE ARE ALL OKAY. THE OVERALLS STAND TALL. I'm sorry to have done that but I really wanted to reiterate the point. Society as a whole tends to pressure us to do things that will make us rich, make us "successful", make us "popular". We don't put half as much pressure on people to do things that make them happy, or to acknowledge that your personal definition of happy can change, and thats okay. Do your thaaang. Or thangsss. 

Also: Kale isn't a plant, it's a lifestyle. #cali-isms

x J


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  1. you are really happy in the photo lols! love the sweater!
    hey, how do you maintain your hair? i think i have the kind of hair like you.

  2. To be honest, focusing on the things that make you happy=best thing you can do. Happy=successful! So it's an ALL-WIN SITUATION, WOOHOO! :) xoxo


  3. I love the photos on this post, and the ideas. It is kind of an amazing feeling when you realize that you can just stop doing something if you want to.



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