wh-wh-what did you sayyyy


Let me start out by saying that this wasn't meant to be an outfit post. It was meant to be an earbud post. #eotd

Sometimes, you have to take chances. Try new things. Move outside of your comfy little square. I am speaking, of course, about your headphones. We all have our favorite pair, the ones that only tangle a little, that play your music at the same volume in both ears, and block out everyone who dares talk to you when you're trying to peacefully enjoy your Eminem. (Mum.) But things happen. They get washed one too many times. You don't like how they look anymore. They don't make you happy.

This happened to me, and I am a survivor.

HEYYYYYY HAPPY PLUGS HEYYYYY. I'm gonna be straight with you: I was skeptical. I mean, leopard print headphones? Would they match anything? Would I even be able to hear my ~tunes~? But I put my faith in Swedish design, and you know what? Happy Plugs came through for ya girl. Y'all know I like my headphones to be as much a part of the outfit as anything else I wear, and these are perfect. Every person who has seen them has either asked where I got them or tried to steal them, which we know is the true mark of greatness.

True story: people are reportedly stopping my friends at school and asking if they are my friend. How insane is that? First of all, I have friends!! (???)  Second, YOU are my friend, because you read this blog. If you want, I can make you a t-shirt to wear. 

This reminds me, I should probably make a "I haven't made a playlist in three months even though I've discovered like eighty bajillion new songs/artists/genres I love" playlist. I'll go do that.

No mum, I still can't hear you.

x Justina

 ps. only ten days left to win your favorite little black dress

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  1. i love the way you write haha! and the earbuds look super cool x


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