let's talk about taylor


Okay, I know, I know.
You've seen this video a million times, memorized the words, cried a bit for the car. You're over it.

Well back it up a bit, because I think it's time I addressed my feelings towards Taylor Swift.

Let's take a little trip to 2007. Taylor Swift is an "internet sensation" with country ringlets and a wardrobe that appeared to consist solely of white chiffon princess-esque dresses and cowboy boots. She sings about some boy named Drew, and seemed to have extremely mature and advanced relationships for a 15 year old, with rose petals and slamming screen doors. I wasn't impressed at all. Ten year old me was not feeling it. I didn't even bother learning basic facts about her. In fact, I have a very distinct memory of telling my mum "She's from New Zealand or something, she sang that song about being a princess I think?" (In case you're wondering, I am psychic and this is definitely me predicting the eventual existence of Lorde). For years, I just ignored Taylor and her songs/relationships that insisted on worming their way into my brain.  When Red came out and people went psycho, I wasn't interested. When the whole world went to war over Haylor, I logged off twitter and took a nap.

Then, something went pop. Literally.

Taylor made the announcement that she was officially going pop in typical adork-able fashion, panting from dancing to "Shake it Off" with fans. I only caught the announcement because I couldn't escape it. "Yeah sure Taylor, you get one hair cut and start wearing two pieces and all of a sudden you're pop". I laughed. I laughed. She's the one laughing now. Or at least she would be, if she knew.

"Shake it Off" was a cute gateway whose appeal wore off. I danced a little the tenth time I heard it. The ten thousandth, I was done. Then came "Blank Space", and I finally admitted to the blank space in my life that had been the place where Taylor Swift love went. Everyone else had gotten on board from the first time she wrote a song on an old napkin, but it took 7 years and a genre change for me to accept her into my heart. Now there was this song, a song that resonated deep from the first time I heard it. I decided 1989 might be worth a go. Then I watched some recent interviews. I poked fun at her dance moves in a loving manner. I allowed myself to get into her style. Several days later, it's official. Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine saying this but: I like Taylor Swift.

Thank you for sticking with me in this confusing time.
 I only ask that you give me some privacy to sort out what this means for the future of my playlists.
(And bank account. #1989WorldTour)

 x Justina

ps. In case you missed the approx. 800000 tweets I wrote about it: I WAS ON BUZZFEED.
pps. Lorde is blowing my mind rn. 

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  1. Oh my goodness, I am in love with Blank Space!
    (Also Lorde is really awesome :) )
    - F - www.elevatorbrain.blogspot.co.uk

  2. It's like SOMEBODY finally get's me about the whole T Swizzle thing! This literally could have been pulled from my brain, those words feel like my exact thoughts, except funnier and more entertaining.

    Never really warmed to Ms. Swift as much as the whole entire rest of the human race UNTIL Shake It Off, and I was like 'okay, she's not that bad, I guess.....'

    then came Blank Space and i have been listening to it on repeat. that, and Team, by Lorde. Those are my two current favourites. Lorde is my queen.

    plus congrats on the whole Buzzfeed malarkey! I have been reading your blog for a while now, you deserve all of the fabulous attention :D

    alannah // kissingwinter.blogspot.com

  3. Her new album is amazing! I want to go see her in concert so bad :) I've seen her the past 2 tours and I'm determined to get a autograph this time!
    <3 katie


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