supermodel sunnies // #karliexwarby

Is there some sort of record for how many charitable organizations 
one supermodel can support on style alone?

Karlie Kloss is trying to beat it, 
even though she might be the current title holder.

Her latest efforts to improve everyone's lives come in the form of a collaboration with Warby Parker, those marvelous purveyors of vintage-inspired eyewear.

In case you've never heard of them, here is what you need to know: 
1. They make amazing sunglasses.

Now they've partnered up with everyone's favorite model/baker/multi-tasker/Taylor Swift bff 
to design an itty bitty capsule collection of classic shapes. 

My personal favorites are the Marple,
 just because the shape is graceful while still being cool.
Gold rims +  purple lenses = cool

But of course, being Karlie-related, it's not enough to bring us stunning sunglasses. 
We're going to help out while we're at it. 
 A portion of each sale is going to Edible Schoolyard NYC, who get gardens and kitchens to kids and schools in underprivileged areas of New York so they can learn how the whole "healthy eating and living" shebang works, and therefore have healthier (and by relation, happier) futures. These particular donations will support two farm stands in East Harlem + Brooklyn. Being from California aka agriculture capital of the United States, I fully appreciate the benefits of having fruit and veggies within a snacking distance. 

But we're not done yet.

In accordance with Warby Parker's own ideals, for ever pair sold, another pair of sunglasses will be donated to a person in need through their non-profit partners.


(Like you really needed that many reasons to get these sunglasses anyway)


You can purchase the Karlie Kloss x Warby Parker collection starting this morning at warbyparker.com.

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