justina x derek//a moment with mr. blasberg

probably the chicest party photo ever taken? pc: mr. blasberg

Derek Blasberg is both the fashion industry version of Dear Abby,
and the person you write to Dear Abby about.
 His book, Classy, and then Very Classy
gave my 13 year old self a glimpse into my future world, 
where thank you notes are written on personalized stationary, 
and one can be invited to a holiday on a Caribbean island 
at the drop of a Maison Margiela hairpiece.  

When I was given the opportunity to ask him a few quick questions, 
I nearly died.
 Or maybe I actually did?
 Then I came back and got to it. 
Somewhere between two places, he dropped some pretty good advice.

J: You have worn, and still wear, many hats.
If you could create a title for yourself, or a simple description of what you do,
what would you say?

D: Luckiest guy in New York.

Flip side: what are the best and worse parts of your many positions?
I have lots of bosses.

You’ve blogged for many media outlets, and it’s become a known platform of yours.
What are your feelings on online fashion journalism?

When I was in college, professors were still wary of the internet.
Now, I think it's the way most people still get news.
 Magazines, however, still offer a different reader experience.
 I love both.

How do you feel about teens in today’s fashion world?
It's easier for young people to get involved now with fashion websites, chat rooms
and being able to start their own blogs. It's a good thing.

You’ve traveled the world.
 What are the first three things you do whenever you arrive at a new destination?

Buy lots of water and food to snack on in the room, 
Google the nearest art museum, and then unpack.
 I hate looking at luggage in hotel rooms.

Do you have a favorite Fashion Week?
London is the most fun, Paris is the most inspiring.

Is there anyone you would love to interview
that you haven’t had a chance to sit down/take a selfie with?

I always wish I could have gotten to Elizabeth Taylor before she passed.

Classy + Very Classy are obviously a product of experience.
 If you could pick out one lesson or piece of advice for a girl to come away from reading them with, what would you press?
Write thank you notes!

 Make your daily reading a little better by keeping up with Mr. Blasberg on anyone of his countless outlets. 

And whatever you do:
write a thank you note.


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  1. Very cool interview with a very classy person

  2. You're so lucky! Nice interview!



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