flash and pants

 \\ necklace c.o dogeared \\


I felt you clutching your sequins at the s word,
 but bear with me.

This post was inspired by a three things.
1. my adorable new Dogeared necklaces,
2. My friend Gabrielle,
3. a woman in the library

Lets start at the start

I am big and blingy 
and I stack necklaces like Mr. T, 
but when a small box from Dogeared showed up at my house, 
I actually took fifteen minutes to take off everything else I had hanging from my neck.
I then put on just this tiny little wishbone necklace. 
If you know me well, you know I'm a big believer in good luck + karma, 
and something about this delicate little necklace made me feel very happy and lucky.
 It's itty bitty, but has a big impact, because people need to focus to see it,
 much like other important things and people.

sorry if it hurt when I juST DROPPED THAT LIFE LESSON ON YOU
Gabrielle is one of my very important people. 
You may have seen hints of her around this blog or,
 if you've been here for much longer than I expected anyone to be
remember her from The Great Teen Vogue//Aeropostale spree of '12. 
She's literally Martha Stewart but 500x better. Her cupcakes are legendary, 
and I felt a need to get a professional photographer to come in 
and document my birthday basket (thats right, basket) from her. 
She's basically Pinterest in a person. 
In other words, totally opposite from my admittedly more Tumblr self.
 She's also a pretty subtly sparkly person, in a manner I have yet to master. 
She's the most elegant person I have ever met who wasn't seventy two.

And finally, the woman in the library. 
Yesterday, I was in the library in my Trollied Dolly dress (not gonna lie, I wear it always
and fave B.C. Footwear heels (they are actually the most comfortable things ever
when an older woman came up to me and said, and I quote:
"I just need to tell you that you look absolutely lovely. Reminds me of when I was a teenager. The girls all dressed nice back then, cute dresses and heels like yours. Now it's all flash and pants."

Flash and pants.

While I am rather partial to my flash and my plaid pants, I sort of see where she was going, and it helped me put a point on a thought that had been rattling around for a while. I feel like with a lot of things, like my necklace stacking, we lose the message. I mean, SURE I have lots of little gold necklaces and they're all really great, but when I wear three at a time, they aren't very noticeable anymore. When I wore my single gold wishbone, it was a direction.
So, I suppose I am trying to say this:

Sometimes, a subtle sparkle is just what you need.

Also lots of little gold necklaces.


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  1. Ah I liked this post <3 The necklace is so cute and I love the quote from the librarian haha xo


  2. I really loved this post! What a lovely necklace and what a great story! And also, you friend, Gabrielle, sounds amazing!


  3. Question: Is your zodiac sign Sagittarius?!


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