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I recently got the chance to talk with Nina Nesbitt
who is basically the cutest Scottish*  fluffy haired musical creature/singer ever, and she's got the voice to back up her immense popularity. 
She's got a new album on it's way, 
and is basically going down the path to the top 40 charts, guitar in hand.

*Read all italicised answers with a lilting Scottish accent. 
 J: Just to get started, what three words would you use to describe your music?
N: Acoustic meets electric. But not electronic, like, electric guitars.

 J: I'll clarify that, there's a big difference.
N: There really is, it's quite different.

J: I read somewhere that they call you the female Ed Sheeran.
N: Yeah, I don't know.. I think when they hear the album they'll change their minds, but when I first started off, I think I sounded quite similar. And I went on tour with him and stuff, but now I've picked up the electric guitar and my music is quite evolved. I think America has now just discovered the acoustic stuff, which is exciting. 

J:That's true, I think here in America we've been pop and hip hop and stuff for a really long time.
N:Yeah, like when I was in LA, the radio producers were saying like "this is something new", and I was like "no, this has been happening in the UK for a long time"

J: Would you say you have a personal style? How would you describe it?
N: My style changes week to week, but right now I'd say it's quite vintage-grunge mixed with just kinda quick casual. It's kind of girly, I think.

J: Do you dress differently for performances?
N:I used to jut get on stage in jeans and like, a baggy t-shirt, but then I started thinking, "maybe I should make more of an effort". I also am quite interested in fashion and want to get more involved. I suppose I could wear my performance stuff for everyday, but it's a little more edgy.

J: Any specific style influences? Like people or movies or something?
N: Hmm, I like the old Hollywood type people. I like Bridgette Bardot. For make-up and hair, she's definitely a style influence. 

J: You were a face for Jack Wills. Do you shop there a lot? Anywhere else?
N: Do you have Jack Wills in America? (We do, but only on the east coast.) Yeah, I shop there quite a bit, I really like their jeans, although they're a bit tight. I also really like Topshop, and Urban Outfitters, vintage shops. I went to one on Venice Beach and on Melrose Avenue, they're quite cool.

J: You travel a lot, right? Where've you been?
N:Yeah, I've been all around the UK, and I just wrapped up my Europe tour. I've done a show in LA, and I'm going to do a show in New York next week, which is my first kind of headlining American show.

J:Where is your favorite place you've visited? 
N:Hmm, I don't think I could pick just one. The Europe tour was amazing, I was the opening act, and you never expect much from them, to be honest. You're there to win them over, not the other way round, but they were so amazing and they really listened to the music, which was wonderful. Really respectful. LA was amazing, just because it's exactly like the movies. It's surreal.

J: Was that your first time in the US?
N: Yeah, it was, randomly. I should have been there before. It was really, really cool.

 J: So when you travel is it like super minimalist, only what fits? 
 N: Well I've got one massive suitcase, and then a couple bags. Fans often give me turtles and stuff, so I've got a bag for them. Usually we have a tour bus, which is good, because everything just stays in there, and it's usually an absolute mess by the end. 

J:Anything specific you take with you?
N: A baggy shirt, baggy jumpers, they look cool and effortless. I have a little scrunchie, I can't be bothered to do my hair right, and a black hat. I'm quite lazy with that, but I try to hide it. When I wear it, people are like "I love that hat" and I'm like, "Really? Hm, this is my bad hair day hat."

J:You're really involved on social media. Which is your favorite, instagram or twitter?
N: Oh yeah, I think that's called an addiction. I quite like instagram because I'm a very visual person.

J:This album will be your first, right?
N:Yeah, I've been working on it for about three years, and it's quite long, lots of tracks. 

J: Is there anything specific you can tell us about it, or are you keeping it hush hush?
N: Well, it's a bit more edgy-sounding I think. It's about the stuff I've experienced in the last few years, falling in love, falling out of love, writing some angry songs about it.

J: Well, I don't know how much of our radio you heard, but in America we love a good breakup song.
N:Oh good, so hopefully you'll love the album

J:Are you planning a US tour?
N:Well I'm releasing the album in January-March in the UK, and then after that,  I'd love to do a tour in more of the US.  Hopefully I can come over and play some.

J: What do you think you'd be doing if you weren't a singer now?
N: Oh, I'd probably be studying psychology and writing songs for other people. and sleeping. Also spending more time with friends.

J: How do your friends feel about your fame? 
N:Well I don't think I was the one they ever expected to pursue it, because we did music in school and I was quite bad at it, because it was this really serious stuff, all classical, and they were all better than me. But I kind of secretly sat in my room and wrote songs and developed it like that, diy style. But they're really supportive, and lovely.

J: Last one: If someone who had never heard of you or your music, and you could only give them one word and one song of yours for them to form their opinion of you, what would you tell them?
N: Oh hmm. Word: Scottish. Scottish people have a scertain humor and that really comes accross in my lyrics. Song: Stay Out, which is about a night out in the UK, and all the different people you meet. 
J: Ok, so I think my time is up, so I won't keep you, but when this blog post is up, I'll tag you in an instagram post, ok?
 N: Go for it!

 There you have it, from Nina herself.

 Go get on YouTube, 
start with 'Stay Out', 
and I'll see you in a couple hours.

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Nina, I added it up, 
and give or take a thousand, 
I figure you've done about 23,000 hours,
 so you're set.

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  1. I absolutely love Nina Nesbitt! This interview has made me fall in love with her even more, you're a good interviewer :) xx

  2. She's a cuteness, love her picture and answers xx

  3. Beautiful, she is great.

    Best wishes, minnja


  4. I love Nina Nesbitt! I'm glad I've gotten to know her before she makes it big in America, because I suppose I'll be truly "hipster" then, haha. But Justina, your interviewing skills are very good, and it was easy to tell you were quite comfortable. Tell Nina I say hello! :)



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