There's ice cream on my computer

I scream, you scream, we all love computers and ice cream

unfortunately, computers and ice cream don't love each other.

But alas, here is a way you can mix the two, plus practicality, pinkness, and style.

win (ice cream) win (computers) win win win (those other three things)

Zero Gravity makes these gorgeous computer cases that are not only really well made, 
but that could passably double as an oversized clutch in a pinch.

With school starting in less than half a  cosmic second (sorry, I had to remind you), it's time to get real about back-to-school accessories. 

Basically, a good computer case will save you a lot of heart stopping 

and so, because I know that we could all use less of those moments, 
I am pairing up with the lovely Zero Gravity to give one reader the same case as you see my MacBook modelling above!

Here's the deal:

1. Follow me via GFC + Bloglovin'
 @ShopZeroGravity on Twitter 

2. Comment on this post with your twitter handle

3. Sit on your hands and wait

That's it.

Oh, and this giveaway only runs until 11:59:59 PST Monday night. 

So get on that.

Don't want your ice cream to melt.


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  1. I would love if you did a back to school supplies post!

  2. That case is so adorable, can definitely see myself working it as a clutch too :)



  3. so freakin cute! my laptop is in great need of something cute to hug it and make it feel loved!

  4. that is so freakin cute, my laptop is in great need of something to hug it and make it feel loved!

  5. Love it so much!

  6. O H M Y G O D I need that, justina i have one of those dear-lord-i-just-threw-my-backpack-on-the-ground-my-laptop-is-never-coming-back-its-gone-forever then i go and check and luckyily its fine and i vow to myslef to never do it again but i do it again anywya on accident though. but i feel ya gurl i feel ya my twitter is https://twitter.com/Vibrantlizzy (the username is @vibrantlizzy and my email is lizzyodie@yahoo.com i would love to win this i need this so bad becuz im a very clumsy person!

  7. justina who won the giveaway?

  8. looks very cute:)

    Regards from Lithuania:)

    visit http://sleepy-dog.blogspot.com/


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