I can't hear you

 headphones c.o frends

Say that again?

I would feel bad about all the things I miss listening to my music really loud
 if these headphones weren't so incredibly perfect. 

which they are so I don't

I mean, white leather, gold metal, AND THEY SOUND GOOD?

You don't need that new purse, you need new headphones.
I can already feel you joshing for an outfitpost with them, and that is coming,
 but for one second, we are going to talk about music, also known by my parents as

A lot of people think fashion is just clothes. 
Who's wearing what. 
A pair of shoes makes or breaks you.  
(I mean, we've all been broken by a pair of shoes, but not the point here) 
What these people don't know is that fashion isn't just clothes, it's culture.
 Music is a big part of that. 
All you have to do to see that is count how many fashion references
 Kanye West can drop in a three minute song. 

was louis my killer what's that jacket margiela

No, actually, it's vintage but whatever Kanye
They're two worlds, and when they collide....we get chart toppers.

However, we (and by "we", I mean you, me, and the fashion industry at large) can't be listening to our life and sartorially inspiring jams on just any crummy set of tiny speakers.
 I personally have always loved head phones. 
the bigger, the better
I mean, just imagine locating the average set of earbuds in my hair. 

there's no losing these babies, they're shiny and glamorous and the sound quality is incredible

plus, they fold into this tiny little pouch that I can stick in the pocket of my overalls

that sentence just basically summed me up

 with the rise of music/fashion fusion, 
I'm predicting a rush on accessories like this, 
so get at it now and we'll be ahead of the trend together

friends that are on trend before the trend together stay together 

now I'm off to have a one teenage girl dance party

hannah montana soundtrack 4 life


Justina's One Teenage Girl Dance Party/I Can't Hear You Playlist
1. Birthday-Selena Gomez
2.Tennis Courts - Lorde
3.Gotta Have It- Kanye West & Jay Z
4. How We Do - Rita Ora
5. Crown On The Ground - Sleigh Bells
6. We Can't Stop - Miley Cyrus
7. Who's That Chick - Rihanna
8. C'mon - Ke$ha
9. Acapella - Karmin
10. A Little Party Never Killed Nobody - Fergie

ps. congrats to lizzy for winning my giveaway! there isn't any cake, but have an invisible balloon

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