Honey, I'm Hooooommmeee.

So I went to San Francisco, to visit Maia, who has not been around for nearly two years.

 This is me drinking bubble tea for the first time. It was slightly disgusting.

 I met a dinosaur.

 This is my newest Canadian friend, Wil.
 You are lying if you say he doesn't look like the Eleventh Doctor.
And he had the best beanie.
 Elliot taught me everything I didn't know about basketball, 
which was basically everything.

 There were a lot of other adventures as well, but I think I may save those for a bit. 
aka when my computer quits acting like a two year old and loads them.
The important thing is that
I am back and I promise to never ever leave you on your own like that ever again 
 at least until the next time I have to go.

So tell me: what did you do while I was away?


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