One Does Not Question Adele

 Someone needed to  give Chris Brown a dressing down.

I for one would not want to be confronted by an angry Adele.
 The woman can set fire to rain, after all.

Adele: "Hold on, I'm going to take off my eyelashes, and then it's gonna go down."

She was basically the only interesting thing that happened during the Grammy's.
 I mean, sure Taylor pulled a viscious little stunt that an elementary school student would be embarrassed by, Fun. brought a bit of East Coast weather on stage with them, and Ed Sheeren + Elton John were the best and weirdest match up ever,
but forget all that, Adele was wearing color.

I happened to really like this dress.
 So poo on the Huffington Post for calling it "curtain like".
 That's what they said about Lucy Liu's dress at the Golden Globes too, 
so they obviously are a bit confused, and description challenged.. 


Someone give Kelly Clarkson an award for saying "sexy" as many times
 as she did in one acceptance speech.  

And Jay- Z for just being really cool, like, all the time.

Am I the only one whose skin crawls when they see Tyler the Creator?
I think it's hilarious that the Grammy people attempted to initiate a dress code, and everyone followed it except the core people I'm sure it was brought into being for.
*cough* KatyPerryRihannaJLo*cough*

 Don't you just love award shows?


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  1. Exactly what I was thinking! The grammys were boring, because the fashion was boring.

  2. Yes my skin crawls when I see him too! Agreed, Adele looked amazing, especially being a new mum. As did Rihanna (and I don't say that very often). I had a dream that JLo, Madonna and Gaga all turned up in lobster hats (again) and George from Fashion Police was not happy.
    My mind is messed up.

  3. yeah i thought the same! rihanna looked amazing though! and thanks for the comment :) sure u can use the pic as long as u link it to my blog :) haha he was quite cute ;) xx


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