Leap Of Owl

|jumper:c/o prodigy red| jeans:c/o miamasvin|necklace:c/o stella&bow|
|sneakers: c/o burnetie| #teenvogue

I have a serious thing about owls.

Theres a whole long story behind it involving three year old Justina, my second middle name (Athena) and my mother refusing to allow America into my childhood.

Even with all that, I seriously shy from clothing with owls on it, because a. it either looks cheap or cutesy, or b. it looks harsh and more than slightly frightening. 


It's perfect. 
Soft, versatile, lightweight.
 The only thing it doesn't do is make me tea, but we're working on that.

 I know I'm committing a serious fashion felony in wearing these jeans so often, 
but I'm a rebel so whatever. 

Another thing rebels do is wear whistles around their neck that they blow every so often,
 just to remind people they're alive. 
And because it's cute.
My dog loves it, he seems to have a whistle obsession.

My sneakers are so cool. 
I kept twisting my leg around all day so I could look at them, I still can't accept their awesomeness.

It's fashion week!

lol like you didn't already know that.

I have this love/hate relationship regarding how I feel about NYFW.
On one hand, it is the fashion capital of the fashion capital.
On the other, it always feels like the designers don't pull out their best like they do in Paris or London.
On the other, (yes I have three hands, one is just invisible) it always affords the best streetstyle as far as models go.

So I am just feeling really conflicted about it all.

Speaking of conflicts, Madeline and I went to see Warm Bodies. 

It was so good. 

As I mentioned on twitter a zillion (get it? zombie, zillion? babahahah) times,
 Nicholas Hoult is my favorite Brit boy.

Sorry 1D, I know the disappointment is sharp.

(Sharp? like my last name? oh gosh I can't stop hahahah)
 I obviously need sleep.

or I'll turn into zombie too.

But with better hair.


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  1. Your outfit is perfection! I LOVE the owl jumper:) You look great Justina! xx

  2. Owls are cool! :) I collect owl rings, bags, necklaces... they are cute ^^

    Fashionably Sparkly

  3. Bethany Mota loves owls 2

  4. I love those wine colored skinnies and the sweater, so basically EVERYTHING! <3


  5. Hahaha your super funny! :) i love your blog and your outfit
    I saw warm bodies also, sooo amazing


  6. I likey your jumper! Although I am afraid of owls (have you seen The Fourth Kind? D:) xxx

  7. this outfit is aawesome ! love this jumper! and your hair!


  8. I absolutely love you blog! Not just your outfit post, but your writing always makes me smile. Thanks for such a sweet email and I hope to start my own blog very soon! You should soon be able to find me at myweekendwardrobe.blogspot.com


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