On The Oscars aka The Televised Adele Concert


I feel like the entire night was nothing but a progression to, then a regression from, Adele.

She really is the Queen Of Everything Worth Being Queen Of.
Oh, and Jennifer tripped. That was exciting.

I like Charlize's new hair. 

But that's it.

This show was a disaster.
Someone, anyone, should have called Tina + Amy right after Seth's opening number.
I'm going to be traumatized by his "boob song" for LIFE.


I haven't even SEEN Argo.


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  1. The Oscar's was kind of a disaster this year. (Not the nomination/awards, but the hosts and so forth) And those sock puppets reenacting "Flight" ... *sad face*

  2. yeah so many mixed opinions for me about the Oscars, but I though the Les Mis and Adele performance were amazing! I actually have seen Argo and it was great! I really thought Lincoln could have taken the award home but oh well. But yes ADELE IS A STAR


  3. i enjoyed the oscars myself. i guess mostly enjoying that i agreed with the people who won oscars. i missed the first 20min though. pretty much i enjoyed seeing the outfits and awards AND DANIEL RADCLIFFE <3 lol ;)


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