I had a ranch in the 80's....


 #teenvogue sweater: c/o miss magiba|jeans: levis| boots c/o miss roberta 


10 points to the first person to recognize these boots.

 (If you've only been around since January or such and still recognize, you get 15)

I'll give you a hint.

Got it?


They're so pretty and now they're mine-mine-mine.

I'm big into cowboy boots, and these are the perfect median 
between work boots and nice shoes. They're super comfortable, and I mean...flowers.

Love it.

After my post about my room, half of you were obsessing over my room, and the other half were obsession over this sweater. I completely understand, it is wonderful. 
   and it's sparkly. 

Whilst wearing this outfit out and about, I was told by one of my favorite librarians 
(yes, I have favorite librarians, everyone ought to.) 
 that I was very much channeling an 80's ranch wife.

How could someone who gives out compliments like that
 NOT be one of my favorite librarians?

In other news, tomorrow is my brothers birthday. 
He is turning 11. All I really have to say about that is: no more chickens.
 I mean it.
and thank you for taking all these lovely photos of me. 
Here is a lovely photo of you.

I really like birthday cake.

I also really like Katy Perry's birthday cake dress.

I wonder where I can get one of those made...


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  1. haha i always enjoy ur action shots

  2. You look so pretty, I adore your boots!:) Xx

  3. Great outfit :) x



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