A Justina In The Wild

|sweater: c.o. miss magiba boutique|pants: c.o society of chic| whistle: c.o . stella & bow|

I got a very interesting email the other day from a reader.
In the nicest way possible, she was basically questioning my naturality. 
Not a word, but a good point.

There are loads of bloggers who dress just for their blogs.
Heels and dresses for the camera, jeans and sweatshirts for real life.
I am not one of those. 
I'm lucky enough that I don't have to be, I can quite literally wear whatever I want. 
 What you see is what you get babe.

In keeping with this theme, I felt like it might be fun to show you guys me in my most natural environment: my room.
I do, however, look unnaturally composed and put together. 
I promise, this is a one in 10,000,000,000,000 moment.
Over the years, it has become my own little world, where I decide what comes in an out. It's a very clear representation of me, and I lurrrve it.

Things I lurve also:

My new sweater. It's very hobo-chic, and it's sparkly, and it's pink, and its... you get the idea. 
mega fab.
(Check out the shop it came from as well, Wildfox is in particularly high population there.)

My favorite pants. Unfortunately, SOC doesn't sell them anymore, but gosh do I wear mine a lot.

My new Stella & Bow jewelry. I'm in LOVE with this small brand, and everything they are. 
I'll be doing a detail post on them super soon.

In other news, I took that test.

Nailed it.

 Still in Fat Amy mode.

It's a fun place to be.


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  1. Your room looks so cool and cosy!
    Your real, and thats why we all like your blog so much!

  2. I think its good that you can wear what you do out and about. thats you and thats that. haha. you have a cute style and awesome blog. :) <3

  3. Your room looks so cool.
    I love the canopy thing in the background.



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