A. Blue, B. Hearts C. Burgundy, D. Glitter

 macintosh: c/o red label fashion | shirt: c/o insane jungle| skinnies: c/o miamasvin
shoes: c/o go jane| necklace: c/o hippe hebbedingjetes| #teenvogue

I really don't like taking tests.

I mean, I'm homeschooled, so it only happens like three times a year, but still.

As you are reading this, I am taking the CAHSEE, a test designed to see if I'm smart enough to graduate highschool. If I don't pass, I get to take it four more times. Smarts.

I'm also wearing this outfit.
 I  think it combines enough of my favorite things to have just enough luck for me to pull off maths.

Let's see:
Macintosh: 3 lucks for colour, shape, and actual usefulness (If move somewhere where it rains.)
Shirt with heart cutouts: 2 lucks for hearts and billowy-ness
Jeans: 2 lucks for color, and fabulous fit.
Shoes: 5 lucks just because they're perfect.
Necklace: 1 luck for overall turquoise fabulousness

Total Lucks from outfit: 13.

Hey look, I can count and add.

I'll pass this no problem.


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  1. That top is adorable, with the hearts! :D

  2. I know you'll ace the test don't even worry about it! :)


  3. I finally had a chance to read my teenvogue, and when I stumbled upon your picture I ended up having to stumble upon your site. Then I kept stumbling and stumbling through post after post and I just want to let you know that you're cool. Really cool.

  4. It's like you were a Californian Elin Kling, and then that sick thing of a mac happened to you. Please dress like this all the time. Like every single day. Who needs variety?

  5. Hey we totally earned 100% on our CAHSEEs! I love your blog :)

  6. I love the little heart details on the back of the shirt! Too Cute :)

  7. I LOVE this outfit!! You are truly awesome.

  8. You’re so pretty :)
    Much love,


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