On The Second Day Of Christmas...

'tis the season to be jolly....

and I know Rebecca is, because she won my first  Four Days Of Christmas giveaways!

If you are not Rebecca, don't pull a Grinch and go live in a cave, I've got much more to giftaway. 
(Seriously, It's going to be like this until December 25th.)
And you may have won one of those $20 Firmoo giftcards, so that's fun. 

This week, I'm giving away a Hippe Hebbedingetjes bracelet.

And the very best part? YOU get to choose the one you want!

Your arms will be decked  like a proverbial hall. 

 You know the rules...

1. Follow A Bent Piece Of Wire via GFC.
2. Comment with your email + your favorite holiday food and the story behind it.
Get creative with step two, because my favorites will receive a  $20 giftcard to Firmoo.
(And, I mean, it's food. Yum.)

I love HH bracelets, they're just so cute and delicate,
something you need sometimes when wearing Doc Martens to High Tea.

Deck the halls (or your hair) with bows of holly....



ps. OH OH OH big news

Today, nominations for the A Bent Piece Of Wire awards open!
Send in your nominations for Product Of The Year, Fashion Magazine of the Year,
Model Of The Year, Blogger Of The Year, and Best Dressed Person Of The Year to abentpieceofwire@gmail.com  right this actual moment!

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  1. lololydia111@gmail.com

    favorite holiday food: would have to be "Lebkuchen" (german gingerbread) because it reminds me of when i lived in germany and my friend and a bought a giant lebkuchen heart from a christmas market :)


  2. Hey, Justina!

    Those bracelets are so cute! Loving all these merry giveaways. My email is fashionpilgrim@yahoo.com.
    My favorite holiday food would have to be gingerbread cookies! Although I don't celebrate Christmas, I love making Christmas-themed cookies with my friends and the delectable aroma of gingerbread cookies is one of my favorite smells in the world! ^^

    Fatima (fashionpilgrim)

  3. Love your blog sweetie! Great!


  4. Good luck to everyone on this giveaway! Sounds amazing! xo


  5. Lovely Greetings ♡ ,big Hug :)


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