Now Nobody Trip.

Everytime I watch a runway shows, and I see the models stomping...er...walking, as it were, down the runway, I always think "Oh god, she's gonna trip, she's gonna trippppppppp...." and she never does. That's probably why she is a runway model and I am not. I would trip. Anyway, Fashion Week is over. LOL, joking, no it's not. New York Fashion Week is, but London Fashion Week is started/started/whatever it is in your timezone, today. So I figured I should give you my basic thoughts on my favorite collections of New York before I get even further behind than I perpetually am.

Oh my gosh, I loved Alice + Olivia. It was my perfect version of the Fifties. The sahpes, the colours, the dresses. It was all specifically designed to go in my closet. This was my
personal favorite look because of the coat. It has this Mad-Men-Meets-Tie-Dye look happening. 

Now usually, I will be the first person to say that Victoria Beckham is not meant to 
design clothing for anyone other than herself. I mean, we can't all look brilliant and aloof in a dress that skinny. But this season she really made an attempt, and it worked. I liked the off-the-body-yet-tailored structure going through the entire collection. I really like this look just because of the...I hesitate to call it a blazer, but that seems like the closet applicable item. It pulls the whole look together and is a gorgeous pumpkin-y colour. 

First of all: Vera had my favorite looks for the models. The general agreement this year in terms  of models was that they either needed to look dead, or like they got a spray tan in Brighton Beach, so I appreciated Vera keeping it natural. As for the collection, every piece was fabulous. I loved the patterns she used, and that she ran the entire line of colors. This was my favorite look just because I like the layers, and the color. I call Blue being a big thing this season. You heard it here first.

This entire collection was lovely. I was getting Sicilian Grandmother in the sixties vibes.
It was swingy, but instantly elegant, and in such beautiful tones. As you can see, I am obsessed by the color of things. I chose this look as my favorite because I feel it best represented the overall collection. The dress itself is muted chic, I can't deal.

 So when ever I have a red carpet/Met Ball/Birthday party to go to, I'm calling Christian Siriano. His dresses really are THE 21st century's answer to the ballgown. Marie Antoinette would be hoarding. The first half of the show I was a bit bored, I'll admit it, but this dress, which was definitely my favorite, started the second half, which was when things really started getting fun.

Overall, I really liked New York this season. It wasn't the best I've ever seen, but it was fun. I really CANNOT wait for the images from London to start rolling in, because London is my soul city, and also, the most stylish city in the world (And it's not me saying that. Even though it's true.)

What were your favorite shows? Did you even watch NYFW? Or were you saying the strain on your WiFi for London + Paris?


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  1. Excellent post here chica! I adored NYFW, especially Creatures of the Wind and Alexander Wang - but old Posh Spice was awesome too, I guess VB can design!


  2. Loved NYFW but it's London that's got me excited! You're so right, deff the most stylish city.
    By the way, I'm only 5'5 haha! xxx

  3. Talking of London, guess who just got back from LONDON FASHION WEEK...
    yep me, I am like 100% sure we'll have a year long conversation about this tonight but...
    Links below <3

  4. i love nyfw !
    this year i had the chance to follow it from near and now i love it more than i ever did before haha

    http://ladylewinsky.blogspot.be/ xx

  5. Hi pretty, thank you for your lovely comment my blog :) Just found out that you're 14, of course you are not even starting your college yet x) Hopefully my blog will help you when you are starting your college life! Have a nice Sunday dear :)


  6. Love the Vera Wang Dress ♡ :)
    i´m a new follower

    Lovely Greetings ,kisses

  7. i was SO impressed w Victoria's collection. loved it. and the Christian Soriano is incredible. Saw him a few times walking down 8th ave in NY this summer :D


  8. Will definitely be checking out all these collections! They look so good xx

  9. I've just picked out my New York favourites for my blog today. Our choices are pretty different but I loved reading your review. The Christian Siriano dress is stunning. I hadn't checked out that collection. Hope you're enjoying LFW xx

  10. yeah im selling the shoes :)
    follow you, follow back?

  11. Great selection of favorites! Alice + Olivia never disappoints, and I loved Victoria Beckham's collection as well. P.S. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog :)


  12. Oh gosh the Vera Wang look is amazing...absolutely amazing! And also can't help but love the Victoria Beckham look too <3

    Anna @ FEED ME NANA xoxo

  13. I am so in love with #3 piece in blue!

  14. I've loved seeing all the nyfw posts! This one is great!

  15. thanks a mil for your comment, i'll have a new post up tomorrow x


  16. I could live in Vera Wang my entire life! There were really amazing shows!

    XO, Imke

  17. I think you may be right about blue being the next "in" color. (orange is so not my color and it seems to be prevailing as of late :D)... Any ways... SO with you on London Fashion week, my friend is obsessed about this one British model and she has been talking nonstop about her since then.


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