On the pages of a magazine...ok, the SCREEN of a magazine.

And I return! My trip was amazing, but I did miss you all. I see you asked a few questions, so let's address those immediately 

1. I went to San Diego for a 4H Leadership Conference.

2. Coco, my outfit posts are tagged 'teen vogue' because I am a Teen Vogue Fashion Click blogger.

3. Yes, the romper comes in another color.

4. I have done about four of the things on that list.

5.  I really haven't the slightest idea.

Now that we've got that out of the way, you are free to return to the top of the page, and ogle those gorgeous photos of me. (I'm allowed to say that they're gorgeous, because I was both the model + the photographer.) They are from the latest issue of Atelier Indigo, which I am a contributor for! The theme was "Art, Film, and Literature", so I went and took photos of myself looking super dramactic (Like, more than usual.) holding a camera and reading a book about Marilyn Monroe, in black and white. Totally with the theme. 

Anyway, what did you do with your life while I was away? 
(Because a large chuck of it just died and poofed into dust without any new posts.)

And have you gotten all your September issues yet?

(We both know you're hoarding them under your bed.)


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  1. Wow congratulations, these pictures are really gorgeous! Love the stylish and the effect!

  2. Very dramatic;)
    Where did you get the dress in the second picture down, I want it!

  3. Lovely photos you have here, love the effect.

  4. Love this post! The editing is amazing!



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