"Where'd Your Leg Go?" The Story Of The Extremely Relevant Shirt.

 #teenvogue (Shirt: c/o Off Our Chests Pants: Crest Sunnies: Ray Ban)

This is going to be a bit rambly, until I get to the point.
Who remembers when Emma Watson's leg disappeared from the Burberry ad she was posing in?
That was funny. And then we realized that they had actually erased her leg.
Photoshopping gone kaput.

Now, we have turned the name of a product into a generally wide term for anything from erasing a freckle, or erasing some flyaway hair, to you know, CUTTING A WHOLE LEG OFF.

I don't have anything against photoshopping in general. I mean, I don't really want to see acne when I look at a model in Vogue. But I find it to be very sneaky when someone shows you a picture of "a natural look you can achieve at home" and the model has a face that is basically impossible. And  there is absoulutely no reason they have to tell you that the reason her face is impossible is because it is, as it was created on a computer. 

This is where this t-shirt comes in. I was sent this by the lovely people at Feel More Better, whose mission is to make me feel better. and you too. They're urging people to sign the Media and Public Health Act which will basically force advertisers to put SOMEWHERE, even if it's in tiny print only a budgie can read, that that photo was in some way altered. 

So to get things rolling:

The photos on my blog are not altered in any way. Except for the filter on my camera. Trust me, you don't want to see my street in straight sunlight. Promise.

I hope you got my point. If you didn't, here it was: Erase legs, put legs where they don't belong, move eyebrows, add weight, drop weight, whatever. Just tell me you did it. 
Or maybe, with the leg thing, just don't do it at all.

And how do you LOVE my ghetto-fabulous pants?  Theres a funny story behind why they have all those holes. But alas, that's for another time.

Also, I have finally learned how to do a sock bun. 

Be nice. No hating on someones happy.


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  1. I agree with you, I've got nothing against photoshopping but I really like the idea of the campaign and hopefully it will make people feel better about themselves,
    love the oufit,
    Chloe xxx

  2. Love your t-shirt and its message!! Following, would love it if you could check out my blog and possibly follow back @ georgexoxo.blogspot.com
    Look forward to the next post!!


  3. Love this look. Great message.

  4. Awesome look, love your shirt and those pants are to die for!

    Stephanie xx

  5. love the jeans :)


  6. Amazing look, really love your jeans :) x

  7. Nice statement shirt! :)

    XO, Mish
    PS, Circle Lens and Oasap Giveaway on my blog! :)

  8. I absolutely love the print on your tee! I also have a fashion and lifestyle blog and I'd love you to check it out some time.

    Sarah x

  9. I love this t-shirt! Yay for making a statement. I'm all for touching up but definitely not visual surgery ;)

  10. Ah yes, the infamous sock bun ;-)

    And I really like the tee.


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