Today I'll Be: DKNY PR Girl

(This is a new feature I'm tossing about. I'm going to feature short videos, photo's random snippets of conversations I eavesdroppe- er, respectfully listened to, and other bits of fluff about interesting people I like to pretend I am.)

You know who she is. Well, for quite a long time you didn't, but now you do. She's the voice behind one of the most popular fashion twitters out there, and you haven't even SEEN the stuff she does WHILE she's tweeting. Meet....

(She has a real name, because most of us do, but this is so much more impressive)

Your fingers are just ITCHING for a blackberry now, aren't they?

ps. When I get to 200 followers, I have quite the little giveaway planned, and some HUGELY GLITTERASTIC (That's right, I just combined glitter and fantastic. Your mind: blown.) news. So go coerce your friends to follow me. Just stay within semi-legal means.


  1. ciao pretty
    intestanting video
    thanks about your comment
    follow eath other?


  2. It's so interesting to see the face behind the tweets :) xxx

  3. I love Aliza Licht. She is fantastic. AND she is a mother! Can you believe it? So impressive.


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