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I really am horrible. First, I post the Met Ball video. THEN, I tweet about it for 2 and a half hours. And THEN, I completely neglect to write any kind of follow up post. 
Well you know what? Get over it. 
I have this ludicrous thing called "Algebra" that I had to deal with. 
(I'm pretty sure it was invented by Russian dictators who wanted to keep teenagers from rolling turnips, or whatever it is they did when back then.)
So there. But because I love you all so very much, I am going to do a follow up post, three days later. And in honor of my procrastionational number, (That's right, I just made up a word, I'm such a rebel) I'll be listing my three favorite things.

Favorite Outfit
 Carey Mulligan
(You can see a "real" photo of the dress here, but mine is more interesting. To buy it on ebay, yes EBAY, click here.)

I really liked this dress. It's Prada, shiny, and Carey just looked so ridiculously happy wearing it.

Favorite Person

That ridiculous photographer standing RIGHT ACTUALLY NEXT TO THE CAMERA during the livestream alternately swearing his head off at the celebrities and shouting this like "You look stunning! How's the wife?" or "IS IT POSSIBLE YOU COULD TEXT SOMEWHERE ELSE D'YOU THINK!??!"

Best Entrance

This girl was SO LATE. 
But when she showed up, the paparazzi were practically JUMPING OVER THE HEDGE trying to get a picture of her.
 (It's like, she's the only one on the staircase. If you miss her, you're a crap photographer.)

She smiled, answered the questions, and best of all, didn't trip on her way up the stairs.

,                        That's basically what two and a half hours boiled down to for me. 
Anyone want to sneak me in next year?


p.s. Elettra really needs a new line.

p.p.s Who caught Marc in his lace dress and pilgrim shoes? Swag.

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