Just Don't Fall Down The Stairs

It's Met Ball Monday! And unless you have been living under a rock, or know nothing about fashion, (why are you reading my blog?) you know this is IT. On stairs. Tonight the most fabulous of the glamorous will climb the ridiculously large number of steps and converge upon the Metropolitan Museum of Art, trying not to trip. We will see Anna Wintour (gasp) smiling and (at least pretending to be) happy, we'll probably see Kate Moss effortlessly gliding up to the door, a couple of celebrities that really don't belong there carpet-hogging, and some gravity defying shoes. And so will you, thanks to Vogue, who will be doing a live-stream of the red carpet tonight at 6:30 PM, eastern time, that you can watch right here

(In case the video goes wonky, watch the live stream on Vogues website, here)
Join in the conversation on twitter, follow me (@bentpieceofwire) and Vogue (@voguemagazine) for live tweets, and check the hashtag #metgala.

Who needs an actual invite??



  1. love love love this video...the met gala is obviously the best night of the year. cute blog, let's follow each other! x

  2. Beautiful post and lovely blog! Would you like to keep in touch and follow each other?


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