Take My Bagel. Take my Guitar. JUST GIVE ME MY BETSEY JOHNSON!!


Bonjour Mon Cheries!!

So, as Y'all know, I am COMPLETELY OBSESSED with Betsey Johnson. As far as I am concerned, she is Gawd, (Or whoever the guy in the sparkly robe is, might be Elton John) 's gift  to fashion. Her clothes, and general attitude towards dressing are just FAB. She plays with color and dimension, in a way that absoulutely screams out to my sparkly-shoe, metallic nail polish, pink haired self. (Oh, did I mention I now have bright pink streaks in my hair? My Pink post kind of inspired me...) Ok, I'll quit blathering on for a bit, and let's just get to the pictures, shall we? :D

Betsey Johnson Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear

Those are all pictures from her Fall 2011 Ready-To-Wear..Isn't it pretty? I'd LOVE to play dress-up in THAT closet...Pics courtesy of Style.Com of course :) And now some pictures of the queen herself (Borrowed from Google Images.com) :



 :D I seriously love her...Now for some more random Betsey Johnson clothing..I'm not sure what collection, season, even YEAR these are from, but I loved them so (Also borrowed from Google Images.com)..

Well, you get the point. And y'all SAW her pent house. If you didn't see it, click HERE: ♥  
The woman is a wirlwind of color, and whimsy. In the south, they call it "A character". In New York, Paris, and Milan, they call it "Genius, PURE GENIUS, Darling" and in my closet, I call her Queen. One day, I'll meet her. And when I'll say........  "er...Can I have your shoes?"

And now, A true Betsey Goodbye:

         Until Whenever,

p.s. I will post the winners of the "Creative Genius" contest soon. :D

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