The Color...PINK.


                                                              Bonjour Mon Cheries!

                OK. This is gonna be a long one. So go get a snack, preferably a bar of dark belgian  chocolate, a  pillow, and generally prepare yourself.

                              {  30 minute intermission }

Ready? Ok. Lets DO this. Face it, Pink is THE MOST popular, well known- and -loved color on the planet. So many wonderful things are associated with it, included that most fashionable of dolls, Barbie. The Pink Panther, P!nk, and Hello Kitty are among the myriads of pink inundating us on a daily basis. It was as I was painting my nails "Neon Daisy" (i.e. Neon Pink) that I thought about how seriously amazing the color pink is. I mean, it has so much POWER! Its basically a watered down red, but is so..beyond. I looked up pink on Merriam Webster, and out of the oodles of definitions I found, this one was my favorite:


 (1) : one dressed in the height of fashion (2) : elite "

To give you an idea, (and a bathroom/clothing change/ really need to finish that article in Teen Vogue break) here is a collection of images I have been working on, that hopefully get this post across:

Mum's idea.
Amazing Women in the Susan G. Korman Race For The Cure.

Honestly, if i need to explain this one..
Original Hubba Bubba :)
We've been over this...


Pink. Its a color we use for all manner of things. We use it to stereotype (genders) we use it to support (Susan G. Korman for the Cure) and we use it to represent (Love). Heck, it's practically Elle Woods' NATIONAL COLOR!  It's a powerful thing. I never wore pink until about four months ago, when I discoverd both pink Converse, and Neon Pink nail polish. I always associated it with being "overly girly" then, I saw a picture of a girl in Tokyo with neon pink hair. It made my day, AND convinced me that pink was awesome. Plus, my favorite designer, _______________ (c'mon, y'all should KNOW this by now) has an ENTIRELY pink penthouse. Check it out:




Know who it is yet? 

BETSEY JOHNSON!!! oooh, I just LAHVE her!

Squidoo has this handy little article on PINK. here are some of my favorite bits:


"Pink has been used in prison holding cells to effectively to reduce erratic behavior"

"Tickled Pink: to be happy."


" 'I fell of my pink cloud with a THUD' -Elizabeth Taylor"



So what do y'all think? Is pink HAWT or NAWT?? (sorry, couldn't resist)

          Until Whenever,


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  1. love the pink theme...especially the room! every girl should have a room like this. xoxo~ Margaret


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