Is that DIOR??

Bonjour mon Cheries!

I'm hoooommmme!! :) Ok, so that whole little adventure with the "Delayed Posting" didn't work out to well. Won't do that again :D  Lets get down to it shall we? So I know that everyone and their very fashionably dressed (if she's anything like MINE)  grandmother have been talking, tweeting, posting, or, if they're Anna Wintor, expertly pulling apart, about the Fall/Winter Dior collection. But I felt the need to chip in my two cents. :D Like always. But I am giving myself a challenge. Two words for each look. So Here goes:

dior haute couture winter 2011 collection

                                                  Tissue. Paper.

christian dior haute couture fall 2011

                                               Harlequin. Daughter.

christian dior haute couture 2011 gowns
                                                 Tribal. Warrior.

                                                                Poodle. Skirt.

                                                               Mermaid. Queen.
                                                           Moon. Bride.


Gawd, that was HARD. So, the  GOWN'S in this collection were very pretty but the rest was very..geometric. Not really my speed. Plus, the music was a bit weird.  :) With all that said, so far this year, Dior has had two of my  favorite seasons.... EHMAHGAWD, IS THAT DIOR?!?!?!

                        Until Whenever,

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