Forbidden Word :) Of COURSE I'm gonna say it!!!


                                                                Bonjour Mon Chries!

So, I've gotten about three letters now, from people saying they WISH they could follow my blog, but they only have a TUMBLR. * Gasp In The Crowd * Yes, I SAID it. TUMBLR. So, to help these poor people out, I created A Bent Piece Of Wire. Lite. :) It is going to be a smaller-fied version of this blog. Mostly pictures. It is also good if you are on a fabulousness diet, or you are reading this in Starbucks while juggling three low-fat-triple-shot-of-hazelnut-chilled-vanilla-lattes-extra-sweetener-decaf-go-easy-on-the-ice while trying to figure out how you are going to get them all the way up to the Teen Vogue offices without spilling it on your new Topshop sweater. :) If you are indeed in that predicament, I suggest this: Forget the coffee. Read the blog. But I might be a bit biased. :)
 Please bear it mind that it is still in the works :) But I'm always up to hear your opinions! :)

                                 Until Whenever,

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