Am I an Independant Fashion Blogger?

Bonjour Mon Cheries,

apparently so. I now think it is time to admit something. I am a serous slacker when it comes to actually googling my blog. I know some bloggers compulsively google their own blog every ten minutes, but I have actually only done it once or twice. So I decided, just to say that I did, to google today. And look what I found . Whoever wrote this, I LAHVE you. <3

and now back to the independent thing. Now I think it is time for me to spill the beans in regard to a secret we fashion bloggers like to keep among ourselves: There is NO SUCH THING AS AN "INDEPENDENT" FASHION BLOGGER!!!! *gasping in the crowd* Yes. It is true. No matter WHAT you've been told. We all depend on each other. You think this blog would be what it is (fabulous) today, if I was "Independent" ?? If you said "Yes", here is what I have to say to you: You are very sweet, but you are a LIAR. I couldn't do ANY of this without my peoples. You know them : Lie , Mordrian, Poppy, the lot. Without the "Little (very, VERY, big, important, FABULOUS) People" helping me when I had (have?) no clue, this blog would be nothing more than a random group of random pixels randomly floating around randomly.

WITH ALL THAT SAID: I am now a proud member of the IFB. No, not the "International Fabulous XXXXXXXXXXX's" (you're not allowed to know that last word unless you are one of us..) but the Independent Fashion Bloggers. :D Hopefully, joining this INTERNATIONAL think tank will help me ..er...line please? Oh yes. Hopefully, joining this think tank will help me bring in some traffic! And with all that said: I have some new outfits I'd like to test drive on y'all. My camera was broken until this morning, so I might not have pictures for a while. But that just leaves all the more blogosphere for me to write, yes? :D Ok, I will stop talking now. Love Y'all!!

Until Whenever,

P.S.D. I am fiddling with the style of posting, blog design, and such. Bear with me dahlink xx


  1. Wow, this is such a cool introduction to your blog. Laaahve it ;) xx


  2. Nice blog:) Nice to meet you Justina:)


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