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Bonjour mon Cheries,

Lately, I have been in a shlump. You know that feeling when your just not inspired?You start wearing jeans and t-shirts everywhere, without so much as a single sparkle?? No? Lucky you. Anywhoo, I am ot OUT of my shlump. Here is my anti-shlump perscription :)

Caroline in the City: January 2010

Girl W Balloons Default Graphic and Girl W Balloons Default Image
Miranda Kerr Harper’s Bazaar Australia December 2

Гламурная жизнь Trish Biddle (Интернет-журнал ETODAY)
GLAMOUR BRIDE - Models Female Wallpaper 494722 - Desktop Nexus People

Models 1: Tiffany Pisani - Portfolio
 There's room for two, six feet under the stars.

And my personal favorite...The Fascinating World of Cheetahs! « Amazing Animal Adventures
Twinkle twinkle little bat...

 There. Doesn't that just make you want to CREATE?!!?

:D I have a lot going on until Monday, so I probably won't be able to post again until then * tear rolls artistically down face * However, I have been working on the SOF page! Its still in the works, but it IS public now :)

Until Whenever,

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