This Weeks Obsession

Bonjour mon Cheries,

So this caught my attention when I was watching the Betsey Johnson  show (which, FYI was my FAVORITE FASHION WEEK SHOW) And Betsey mentioned it. I looked it up on Polyvore , and "whump!" I fell in lahve.  So what IS this new obsession? Butter London   nail polish. Time for a flash back: (Backround music: dum-dum-daaa) "Its the fourth grade. I am wearing a pale, pale pink nail polish. My teacher comes up and makes me remove it, as it is against school dress code. Jump forward one year, and now I'm homeschooled, and there is NO dress code. I go nail polish CRAZY. I have almost every color under the sun, and I change my nail polish EVERY DAY.  (leave flashback mode)

So as you can see, I LAHVE to paint my nails. So when I see abulous nail polish, I just..whoa.These are my favorites :) Check it out, courtesy of http://www.butterlondon.com/ :

Butter London!

Ahhhh yes..I LURVE this. I will be adding this to my newest page, to the above,( next to "Main-ish bit")  "Seal Of Fabulosity" Page :D

Until Whenever,

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