A Not-So-Fashionable Funeral

Bonjour Mon Cheries,

I have some bad news. One of fashions stars has died. Figuratively, of course. Not only that, but one of our most respected fashion house's name has be besmirched. If you do not under stand why I am being so somber and sane, it is because:


They fired him. He is poo to them. kaput. finit. nyet.  And before y'all jump on me for slandering his name. Read this:  (Quoted from www.aolnews.com) (censored by moi)
"John Galliano

The British fashion designer was fired from Christian Dior today after allegedly calling a Jewish woman "a dirty Jew face" and a *****, then threatening her boyfriend in a Paris bar. "******* Asian ," Galliano reportedly told the man, "I'll kill you." A video of the designer unleashing similarly offensive rants at a woman he thought to be Jewish has emerged as well. "I love Hitler," Galliano can be heard saying on the tape. "People like you would be dead. Your mothers, your forefathers, would all be ******* gassed."

Without treating Galliano, experts say it's impossible to know whether he truly believes the offensive rhetoric or has a problem with substance abuse and cannot control his behavior. Either way, Gardere says, the former head fashion designer of Christian Dior has a problem.

"Any kind of anti-Semitism or racism is kind of a mental health issue anyway because many of those beliefs are not based in reality," Gardere said. "Most of us have the ethics and self-awareness to stop and realize that what we're saying is illogical and offensive. But when you have a mental health issue or a drug abuse issue, that filtering part of the brain starts to fall away."

But Kulic said it was possible Galliano could simply be an intolerant person who may or may not have a substance abuse problem to boot. "He looks like he's suffering from being a racist and an alcoholic," he said."

I feel a bit sorry for him. On the other hand, what he did was out of line, and he got what was coming to him. He might make a comeback, you never know, but as for now? My advice to him is to dissapear until next years fashion week. Maybe go to rehab. Try and redeem your self. Because right now? There are a LOT of upset people out there.But, on the the other hand (Yes, I have three hands. One is just invisible) people like to blow things up. They are calling him the "Charlie Sheen of the fashion world" Honestly People? Come on. I don't support what John said by any means, but know one know for sure what was said. It CERTAINLY wasn't broadcasted over the whole planet.

We'll see....

Until Whenever,



  1. gorgeous post.
    crazy things going on in the fashionworld.


    fashion is for idiots [like us]

  2. I JUST LEARNT HOW TO COMMENT. Anyway, great work! Very Interesting, i'm sure you put an amazingly obsure amount of effort into it. :D Dija know that were the same age? :)


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