Linnea in a Botanical Garden

Bonjour mon Cheries,

For those of you who have no clue what I'm rambling on about, let me ex-plain it. Linnea is a little girl who runs around Paris with an old man looking at Monet's paintings
                                                                  Image courtesy of Google Images                           
                        (That's monet in the early 1900's with his now famous lily paintings. They are                                                                     currently hanging in the Orangerie in Paris)

 She does all her adventuring in a little white dress (tres little girl chic), a black t-shirt, black leggings, ballet flats and a straw hat. Like so:

                        Linnea notebook Image courtesy of Google Images

So when my mother announced that "TODAY, young lady, you will GET OFF YOUR BLOG, and work on your french, then go on a walk with YOUR dog in the botanical garden", I was INSPIRED! la la la la I am feeling tres punk french chic :)

Ok, Maybe not so chic, but....

The combo of the boots and the top, sort of made my legs look short, so I feel it to be the time to state that I am 5'5 :)

My dog has issues with focusing.

My feet luge HUGE.....I thought I was going to fall off the bridge...

                                                Practicing my runway walk :)

                          I just wanted y'all to be able to see the top of the dress :)

And for those of you grumbling about how I haven't posted anything about Fashion week(s) yet, hold on to your jelly beans, I'M WORKING ON IT. I am going through EVERY. SINGLE. LOOK. FROM. EVERY. SINGLE. SHOW. It is taking much longer than I anticipated. and I anticipated 5 days, soo... It might be a while, but I WILL post a review soon, promise.

I LAHVE all of you!

Oh deah, I have to go, I have "accidentally" spilled glitter all over my floor ;)

Until Whenever,

Otherwise Known as the Geek In The Glittery Shoes ( standing upon the glittery carpet :P )


  1. How old are you? You look so young!

    Anyway, you're gorgeous. Your hair is just so beautiful!

  2. I'm thirteen :) i think this outfit kind of channels "little girl". Thank you :)


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