Bonjour Mon Cheries,

as I am sure you have noticed, (because you are a genius) I have not posted in over a week. Sorry, but I had nothing to say, no flashes of inspiration, and the more common reason : I was sickish. I went away for a weekend, and drank a whole 1 glass of water the entire time. I don't recommend that. It leaves you dehydrated, woozy, and sleepy. So, today, as I watch the Superbowl (and more importantly, GLEE afterwards) I will make sure to remind my self to look at all those crazy little fans in their crazy little outfits :)

Until Whenever,
Otherwise Known As The Geek In The Glittery Shoes


  1. hope you'll get better soon :)

  2. Aww, thanks <3 I am almost as good as new, and will be back on the scene shortly :D


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