Bonjour mon Cheries!

I am doing much better, thank you for all the get well messages :D and now I am ....


Y'all are just going to love it!!! But I need your help!

I need all of you (wonderful, ah-mahzingly talented) geniuses to tell me these things:

1. What you lahve about my blog and
2. What you absolutely hate.
3. I need you to send me a pic of a wire hanger. You can incorporate it into an outfit, or hang it from your closet door. I will lahve it no matter what :D

Above ALL, TELL ME THE TRUTH. Don't tell me what you think I want to hear. I absolutely abhor people who do that, and since I already know I love all of you, I am sure you will be straight with me ;) 

Either post it here in the comments, or on the FB page, or you can send me an e-mail @ abentpieceofwire@gmail.com
OOhhh, I can't WAIT to show all of you :) But it will have to wait until...well, until I've completed it. But that's only a MINOR detail ;)

Until then my little pally-wallys!

Until Whenever,
Otherwise Known As The Geek In The Glittery Shoes
A.K.A The Supremely Mad Ruler of Loonybin (Isn't my brother QUITE the little poet ;P)

1 comment:

  1. how your so crazy and honest
    you don't upload many pictures
    ill send a pic


Tell me what I want to hear. Or what you want to say.

Just remember:

If you're mean, I'll track you down and replace all your shoes with those hideous white tennis things that are so popular among the very sad.