A quick word on "Beauty"

Bonjour Mon Cheries,

Today I am eating wisdom pie, and sharing some with you.

Fashion is a very beauty-central business. Sometimes people forget that this "beauty" isn't necessarily beautiful, just someones idea of beauty at the time.
Beauty is from the inside out. That one sentence is my entire argument. Anyone can be beautiful. plastic surgeons and cosmetic companies ensure that. But it takes a special person to be really, genuinely nice and kind towards others. That is why I believe that it is more important how a person acts, over how they look. You can LOOK like the nicest, prettiest person on the planet, but inside, you can be the meanest, ugliest person ever. You can LOOK like the meanest person ever, but inside, and in your attitude towards others, you can be absolutely wonderful. Unfortunately, in today’s world, lots of things are based on looks. But now, a sort of mental change is coming, where people are beginning to look beyond your skin. That little seed of consciousness is what gives my hope for a less narcissistic future for mankind.

annnnd sharing time is over...now.  I think I need to go have a tea party with my dolls.

Until Whenever,


  1. Hmmm, I wonder why that turned out so small....

  2. I'm glad you've posted again!
    Great post! :)
    My blog's had A COMPLETE Makeover - Home Edition (sorreeyy, I had to!)
    I'd love for you to check it out!

  3. Oh Gorgeous. This post is really lovely!
    I share your opinion ;)


  4. Very well-said...I wish the world wasn't so superficial.

  5. Badger? I wouldn't call it badgering :') Just trying to spread how you view fashion. I think I have very nearly stalked someone to just view my blog (obsessive). yes, i do love your blog :) You have a good point to in this post :)-oh, and my cat says hi, she is destroying the laptop-again :L


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