Preeeeeeeesenting.........A Bent Piece Of Wire's First Ever Top Ten Most Fashionable People Of The Year!

Annnnnnnnnnnd the winner is....

1.http://hauteandthecity.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/Glee+Episode+18+8.jpgYes, we know he's not a real person, but Kurt has been Voted A Bent piece Of Wire's Most Fashionable Person Of The Year! Here are some of his most memorable looks from 2010:

 http://i53.tinypic.com/qn66bb.jpghttp://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lcem7vcOGS1qahpupo1_500.jpghttp://www.zap2it.com/media/photo/2009-10/49603729.jpg and last but not least:

The infamous "Single Ladies Jumpsuit". I just LOVE a guy who can pull off sequins. And he wears this WAAAAY better than Joe Jonas....just saying....

Now, ON with the show! Coming in at a close second was Selena Gomez! This Disney darling has gone from Barney to Balenciaga! Here are her best looks :

http://i25.tinypic.com/2u56cjn.jpg Yeah, we she is probably going to be a hard contender next year..You'd better watch your back Kurt!

Up next, the guy every other girl on the planet is getting married to...

 3. Justin Bieber. That's right. Mr. Never Say Never himself is on our top ten most fashionable people list. Not really my idea. More like everyone else's. Check it out :http://www.ticketsmore.com/frk-images/jb.jpghttp://www.showbizgossips.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/Justin-Bieber.jpg

 So now that you've seen our top three, its time for you to meet the rest of the gang :

4. Carey Mulligan
 She took Hollywood by storm and wasn't content to just stay there.
This Nina Ricci dress was just the beginning of a Oscar De La Renta Ballgown sized fashion splash. She was well deserving of her 4th place on our list.

5. Emma Watson
 She went from movie star, to budding Chanel fan, to Burberry campaign model. Step away from the plaid skirts, she is Hermione no longer!

6. Michelle Obama
 America's first lady stepped into the national spotlight. And along with it, the fashion world. And she has never let us down!

7. Alexa Chung
 This British fashionista had no idea how big the UK is in the US. Guess what? She found out VERY quickly :)

8. Blake Lively
OK, so shes not really "Fashionfab" material. but still, she never ceases making a statement with her clothing.

9. Jake Gylenhaal
He IS a Prince. Just not of Persia.

10. Anna Wintour
Now, THIS woman is EXTRAORDINARILY FABBITY FAB-FAB. Seriously. It takes a lot to run fashions #1 magazine. And to look fabulous doing it.

So this is the best of the best fashion had to offer in 2010.  2011 will bring new surprises. and pastel colors. Now, I'm off to clear my closet to make sure I can fit all those new clothes in it. Talk to you next year!

Until Whenever,

P.S. All images are courtesy of Google Images: www.google.com/images unless specifically marked otherwise.


  1. Awesome :)

    You have good taste, my friend.

  2. Great list! Love that Carey Mulligan has come onto the scene. Her pixie cut is so cute!


  3. I love Carey Mulligan personally... Effortless style.. :) Thank you so much for following AND commenting on my blog. Made my day a bit brighter. :)


  4. Hey!
    Thanks so much!
    But seriosly, you know who's who in fashion, your list is totally correct, espesh Carrey Mulligan, she was amazing this year!
    I'll definitely be following your blog!
    Thanks again!

    Freya at thatfashionmoment.blogspot.com

  5. love emma watson so much :) she's my style icon!
    lovely blog, i'm following!

  6. wow! amazing work! you've got this list... so correct! i can tell that your very determined in achieving what you want!
    and emma watson, she went from being the little girl who played 'Hermionie' in Harry Potter from a young age, and now, shes the richest teen girl in the uk! and i love carey mulligan!- she's amazing!
    i am ***definatley*** following you now! cant wait to see more.

    from alice at cuppa'fashion.

  7. oh yes i spaek english. thank you for your lovely comment. yes, of course, i can give you feedback. okay, i like your blog and the photos. you have very good photos and i think the little texts under the photos are great. i wnat to see more from your blog. anni ♥

  8. Emma Watson's dress is so pretty, I love the color!
    Check out my blog...

  9. Anna Wintour is a given. I also looooove Alexa Chung, Carey Mulligan and Michelle Obama. Not so enamored of Bieber though.


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