3 Tips For Side Hustle Success

I get asked a lot about having a side hustle and being a solo operator in the content creation world. I don't know if it's because I work in ~the internet realms~ or just because I've been around a long time, but people seem to trust what I'm saying. I'll admit that I've had a lot of practice: I've been blogging/vlogging/posting to your local social platforms for almost nine years, and in that time have gotten my fair share of the #SponCon game. So when GoDaddy approached me about how I make it happen, I decided I  want to tell you my top three tips for making your internet dreams a reality.


This might seem obvious, but in a crowded space like, you know, the internet, too many people get into a certain niche without doing the research and feeling the passion. If you're going to focus on a specific topic, it should be something that YOU love, not just something other people will press "like" on. You can always pivot in a new direction to follow a new interest, but all that excitement shines through.


In case no one has told you today, you are a BAD ASS. But your future business partners and collaborators can't know that if you don't let them know. Be very clear about how much you are worth, and why. Do you have a special audience? A voice that cuts through a crowd? A skill that you can apply to brand partnerships? Those are the things that should go at the start of the media kit, top of the email, and front and center on your personal website.


This is where GoDaddy comes in - I started using their services years ago when I launched A Bent Piece Of Wire, and I never looked back. A basic website is a great place to start building your brand, but you've gotta give it some flair. They have a website building platform that's super easy to use, and helps you get in front of the most valuable commodity on the web: eyeballs. That's right, we're talking SEO, we're talking social media, we're talking about SPREADING YOUR EMPIRE. It won't happen overnight, but it will happen a lot easier if you accept some help.

Those are the MAJOR KEYS. If they don't feel obscure enough, it's because this whole crazy industry doesn't need to be as complicated as it feels. Call a friend, get a coffee,
take the first step and build your future. 

x Justina

This post was produced as part of a paid partnership with GoDaddy - but the thoughts, words, and advice are my own, and they're 100% authentic Justina material. 

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