(amster)dam good time

I can't believe I've never been to Amsterdam. 

First of all, the entire city smells like warm waffles. (and another, more controlled substance that I've grown used to in California) Secondly, it's adorable. Almost every building I saw was tilted at a frightening angle, but everyone else seemed cool with it, so I think that's just what they're like. And last, but best of all, are the people. Everywhere you look, there are very tall, friendly, happy Dutch people celebrating living in an incredibly diverse and expensive city filled with sidewalks and efficient public transport.

Even though the entire city is filled with tourists, it never feels ~touristy~ in the way many other cities in Europe do. They museums are small, but excellently set up to control crowds, and are all centrally located so it's convenient to visit them all in one day. Which we definitely did. The Van Gogh museum was a stunning testament to just how important family can be, no matter how talented an individual. The MOCA had this wild Roy Lichtenstein/Banksy exhibit that takes over every corner of a gorgeous old house (bonus points for a student discount on tickets!!). The Rijksmuseum is definitely the largest and most overwhelming museum I've ever been in, but has an unrivaled Old Masters collection that I geeked out over. Basically, 10/10 for all.

A word (or several) must be said about the food. Unsurprisingly, there is a lot of the "munchie" variety, but there is also a massive variety of ethnic cuisines to choose from, especially as you get out of tourist areas. We ate a 17 course Indonesian rijsttafel at Aneka Rasa, and lived to tell a very delicious tale. I also ate, and dripped, a lot of waffles with Nutella all over the city, and it was worth it every time.

Last but definitely most important: DO NOT WALK IN FRONT OF THE BIKES. They will not stop, not even when they run you over in the street. A child might attempt to veer off, but the adults will not even lean on their brakes. If you insist on crossing in front of them, you do so at your own risk. Personally, I like the way I look without tire tracks across my face.

x Justina

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