into 2018 and beyond

Well guys, 2017 was the best one yet. 10/10 for being a good time.

Every year I write this post and realize just how much went down in such a short amount of time, and how much of it I had already forgotten.  *mom voice* that's just the way it goes.

Let's crack on then, shall we? 2017 never took a break. Not even for a little bit. Not even when I asked nicely.

 Jordan + I went to Ireland, Disneyland, and Vegas, racked up hundreds of miles on the highways and byways of California, and some in the skies over LA.  I went a'sliding on a glass slide 1,000 feet above the city, and Sallie took some of the most iconic photos in this blog's history. This year I convinced Jordan to come with to summer camp and 3,000+ (no, not a typo, the boy is trigger happy) photos were taken. Mosquito bites were had by all. We drove four hours for a burrito, and I flew five and a half for beignets.  We went to a color run that I did not run at. I stood in auditory rapture of Lorde, Chance the Rapper (twice, I'm spoiled), lil Dickey, and NPR. I turned 20! And went to New York! And got velvet overalls!

The blog turned 7.  If it were a child, it'd be in second grade, and that is as close to being the parent of a second grader that I need to be for a long time.  I finished the semester with most of my sanity and most of my grades, submitted all my college applications, and I was also appointed the Student Representative on the Board of Directors for the Online News Association, so I'll be taking names and visiting...TEXAS. To say I'm excited would be putting it lightly.

Remember when I thought 2016 was wild? We all underestimate sometimes. My resolution for this year was to "do more of what I want" and I did. It wasn't always easy, and frankly, I needed a nap most of the 365 days, but I think I pulled off 2017 in a spectacular fashion.

My resolution for 2018 is: Say yes if you want to.

 2018 is going to be a big year, and is already filling up with things I am both excited for and terrified of, and they all required a bit of a leap on my behalf. From the month-long trip to Germany to the new swimsuit, I have to summon Steph Curry and shoot my shot, even if my anxiety is telling me to sit down.

I would also really would like to go see the piggies in the Bahamas before my president figures out a way to outlaw pigs or women swimming or acknowledging that the ocean is real or something, so I supposed that's this years material goal.

2017, it's been really real.
2018, let's party. 

x Justina

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