what a lucky girl

mosebacke rain jacket : stutterheim 

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Obviously, I love to eat, but I also love spending a day thinking about how lucky I am. I am very blessed in a lot of ways, and even though I try to remember that every day, it's not always easy when it's midnight and I still have half my math homework to get through. This is a day for me to say thank you, and to get on my (new, very snazzy, impeccably waterproof) raincoat, and go for a walk with my family. To tell my partner why he's my favorite, and to remind all my friends that I love them. To pet my dog, and clean my house, and invite more people over for dinner. To be happy, and pass it on.  

Thank you for hanging out with me,
 and for making this little piece of the internet the best place to be. 

Happy thanksgiving!

x Justina 

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