good genes

photos by benjamin 

jeans: american eagle

I have a stack of jeans in my room that is commonly referred to as "the jeans pile". It's full of not-quite-high waists, steathily stitched holes in knees, and fake pockets. I'm basically always in pursuit of the perfect pair of jeans for my no-butt, extra long self. Many have tried, most end up in the jeans pile. As a girl who grew up believing in the magic of the traveling pants, I've basically been disappointed my entire youth. But American Eagle finally came through for me: I was just looking in the wrong decade.

(Me, I am the stick.)

Real denim, deep pockets, and a waist that - wait for it - doesn't need a belt.

Just let that sink in.

No. Belt.

For those of you blessed with pants that stay on your body through the forces of gravity, let me jsut ut this in perspective: I have to wear a belt with skinny jeans. That is how bad the waist-gap is.

So lets just all take a moment and remember that
the 90's weren't all itchy body glitters. 

x Justina 

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