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So this is it y'all - school starts tomorrow, and summer '17 is officially coming to a close. The last two weeks especially have been a whirlwind. You may have noticed my suspicious silence. (Probably not though) I was hopping on and off of planes, trying to not drown in the Louisiana downpours, and eating copious amounts of gumbo. I was also trying to sort out my class schedule this semester which is wall*claps*to*claps*wall. It may actually cause me to pass out from exhaustion like twice a week. But in the words of the great spiritual master Lil Dicky, that's my niche. 

Here's some well wishes for us all in this coming fall semester: 

- May our binders stay as organized as they are right now.

- May we look first-day-of-school good even when it's middle-of-midterms.

- May the campus-wide wifi never cut out.

- May we make at least one friend in every class who will text us the notes we missed.

- May our student ID's grant us great discounts in places we like to eat.

- May our homework be complete, on time, and more importantly, understood.

- May our instagrams stay poppin' + our twitter feeds full of real words.

- May we enjoy the privilege of education, and use it to better ourselves and the world around us

because lord knows we need some help. 

x Justina

ps. If you're a female undergrad, reading this before September 5th, and you want to hang out with some incredibly successful women on an all-expenses-paid trip to NYC, click here. 

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