where's the mouse?

dress + shirt: wild blue denim
overalls: h&m

Disneyland is a lot of things. It smells incredible, tastes even better, and looks exactly like you've always thought it does. I've gone four or five times, and every time I walk through the gates, I remember why it costs the equivalent of a first born child. It's the most magical place on earth. 

Jordan knows me well, and that's why he knew there was nowhere else for us to celebrate our one year anniversary. I'm not exceptionally sappy or romantic, 
but I am partial to dole whip and Carsland. 

x Justina

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  1. These are lovely photos to some up what looks like a lovely trip.

    I went to Disney world in Florida almost 9 years ago (which seems like just two weeks ago but realistically was a life time ago). I still remember the Adrenalin-producing, blood-gushing and vein-throbbing rides like 'The Tower of Terror' and 'Space Mountain'.

    Your images brought back really happy memories!

    Happy 1 year anniversary! I hope you have many more happy ones!


  2. YES HOLY I JUST WENT TO CARSLAND IN DISNEY and hands down got more excited than I should have. It's the best! Aw but I didn't get a dole whip, I don't live in America so I've never heard of them before?!

    BTW that's actually so cute and I'm elated that you had a great time.

    madison xx
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