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it's me again, your perpetually absent favorite blogger

There's some weird stuff going on around here, and I'm not just talking about the fact that in a fit of delusion I signed up for six classes this semester. People are losing their minds, and their ability to be people, and it's quite frankly a mess. In an effort to help us all survive, I made a list of three subscriptions that you should invest in to keep yourself happy.

1. MeUndies - YOU GET FRESH MEUNDIES IN THE MAIL EVERY MONTH. Not only is your butt now comfy af, it's a great surprise if you haven't done laundry yet this week. Each month, they come out with a new design, and send it to you in your favorite style. My plan is to eventually amass a huge collection and do away with pants entirely. $16 to start, $14 every month after.

2. Amazon Prime - My Amazon addiction is out of hand, I know, but in my defense, it's because I got Prime. It fascinates me, and the free two-day shipping blows my mind. HOW DO THEY GET THINGS HERE SO FAST? Also, how do they get so many of the things? Plus, I can now watch as many PBS Masterpiece programs as I want. $99 a year, but 50% off + a free 6 month trial for students (cause we're all broke)

3. Audible - okay so when you get the Prime subscription, there's gonna be this little notice floating around Amazon about your free Audible credit. You might, as one did, accidentally click on it and then sign yourself up, so that you can get your free audiobook. You may then both fall in love with Trevor Noah, and audiobooks. Things happen. Weirdly, the more time I spend reading textbooks, the less time I have to read book-books, and this makes sure my brain doesn't rot entirely. $14.95 

So there you go. The world may be turning into a giant dumpster fire around us, but we will be in snazzy underwear listening to Aziz Ansari talk about modern dating rituals and receiving lots of packages.

x Justina

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