all we got | 2016 in review

Alright 2016, it's time to shake hands and call it good. 

Good it was - this was a crazy year full of incredible opportunities and moments. I was on NPR, Bloomberg and MTV's snapchat, I traveled all over the planet, and saw all my favorite rappers. I went to the desert, the city, and summer camp. I wrote and laughed and posted a photo on Instagram every single day. The whole world went nuts like eight times, but I still made it through Italian. Credi che รจ un coincidenza? No. It was a lot of work, but completely worth it.

2016 was a year of trying new things, and being down for the adventure. It wasn't all custom photo filters and flawless outfits though. I had a complete meltdown into my various Starbucks cold cups at least once a week, but Chance the Rapper doesn't want that for me. Last year, I was a little scared of 2016. My resolution was "Live even larger, and get better at what I want to be the best in." I finally got a drivers license, so you could say I'm balling out. 

My resolution for next year is: Do more of what you want. It's that simple.

 2016 is the year I got in the game,
 2017 is the year I get ahead of it.


 x Justina

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  1. Super photos and i hope this year will be so good for you! :)) xx

  2. love the photos! Looks like a pretty good year

  3. Great photos Justina, I love your blog!


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