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guess who's back. back again.

I'm literally always short of breath these days because I'm doing too much and there's no time for anything important (hello, first blog post in ages) and I've been forced to start SPEED WALKING places. I mean, obviously not actually running, but swift is the word, sharp is the motion. (And last name hahahahaahha). I realized you all probably thought I'd died, and that is not, no matter how it feels, the case. Here are a few things that are happening:

 * I just came off a weeklong NPR Next Gen Radio internship, where I learned that Ira Glass has been feeding me honey-voiced lies this whole time, because he makes it sound easy and it is NOT.

* I am seeing Chance the Rapper on Sunday, Kanye next month, and then I can die happy, because my holy trinity of music (Gambino, Chance, and Kanye) will have been witnessed.

* I discovered a new starbucks drink: venti-vanilla-bean-frappuchino-with-three-pumps-of-toffee-nut-syrup. You're welcome.

*I've decided I want to go to D.C. for spring break. Someone tell me what I need to eat.

*I'm trying to learn how to use Photoshop, because I've been using VSCO which is not ~professional~.

*People have started wearing Uggs again and it makes me want to cry.

* I'm going to be Eleven from Stranger Things for Halloween, I've got the calculator watch and all.

* I have SO MANY IDEAS FOR BLOG POSTS and no sunlight to shoot them in. I'll keep you updated.

Today I saw a girl talking to a pumpkin spice latte in the library about her midterms,
and I related far more than I am comfortable with.

x Justina

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  1. I RELATE TO ALL OF THIS except the internship because i am failing at life and have never done an intern and also those photos are pretty cute, kanken backpacks are THE BEST.


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