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*Commercial male voice* It’s back to school time!

When it comes to back to school clothes shopping, we talk about the latest styles, looking cute for football games, the most stylish shoes. But we don’t talk about budgets, getting dressed half-asleep at 5:30 in the morning, or running across campus several times a day. You know, the reality of being me/a college student.  Put down the pajamas, I’m not saying we sacrifice real outfits, just that we think about this a little differently. Back to school can be affordable, and still cute, which is what JCPenney sent me out to prove.

I picked up the pieces for this cute lil look at my local store, which, *sadly* is not one hosting one of the groovy Girls Night In events styled by JCPenney, (But yours might be!! check it out). I was looking for a few things. Pockets, easy to pull together, and a solid statement piece I can wear a lot, because unique dressing gets harder and harder the closer and closer you get to midterms. Fact. Clearly, I found what I was looking for in this Arizona cardigan. My hope is that the bright colors and a solid cup of coffee can get me through morning classes. The peasant top underneath is also a win-win- it’s comfy, but looks a little more pulled together than a regular t-shirt, perfect for my schedule, which involves dashing from English Lit to the newsroom. 

Honestly, the hardest part about back to school shopping (other than, you know, wearing it all back to school) is getting it done, and this was easy, breezy, and resulted in a beautiful cardigan. 

x Justina 

ps. JCPenney sent me to explore their store, and paid for the trip, but you guys know the deal: cardigans can’t buy my love. 

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  1. Very cute outfit! Love the jeans!



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