palm summers + joshua tree

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 I'm pretty much down for whatever happens when I'm traveling,  but there's an intense satisfaction in a place being exactly like you'd thought it'd be.  I always imagined Palm Springs as the golf course of southern California, full of old people and pastel colored condos in gated communities.  When sallies and I rolled into town at midnight, I was pleasantly surprised to be completely right. 

Everyone knows I love pretentious little outposts of humanity, and Palm Springs was no different, filled up with overpriced boutiques and water sucking trees. To combat that, we headed forty minutes south into the desert to visit Joshua Tree. (And no, the irony of purposely driving into a landscape that has killed thousands of people for the sake of recreation doesn't escape me.) It was incredible. Very quickly you're hit with this sensation of being a very small part of something bigger. About ten miles in, you can stand in the middle of the road, turn in a circle, and see nothing except more road and the desert spreading out around you. There's also this quiet. It's very heavy, and very present in its complete absence of the everyday noises of society. You begin to realize what an intense impact we really have made on nature, and what it must have looked before we trampled through. It also makes you realize how truly insignificant humans are in terms of the entire planet. I'm an exceptionally loud person, but standing in the middle of the desert, screaming just to see if I could make a dent in the quiet? I doubt you could hear me even thirty yards away. 

The heat was intense, ("sunny and 70" was more wishful thinking than accurate statement) but we had juice boxes and The Life of Pablo to help us chill out. I also had read about a bajillion travel articles about this particular patch of California history and was READY.

If you're planning a trip into the desert, here are some quick pro-tips:
 - make sure you bring snacks
- take all proffered bathroom breaks. Eventually, you get to this point when you're driving where you're not far enough in, but you're too far to turn back.
- pre-load any maps/playlists/apps that need data because it's not real once you turn off the freeway
- don't touch nature unless it rose up to touch you

I also want to mention that standing/sitting/leaping in the middle of roads is not a safe practice unless you can see three miles down it in both directions and are CERTAIN you will not be flattened.

x J

ps. in september, jordan + I are going back to joshua tree to vibe with childish gambino/see Jesus/join a cult maybe, and it's going to be LIT. #pharos

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